Te Mahi ā-āhuarangi

Climate Action

Te Tāruke-ā-Tāwhiri: Auckland's Climate Plan, led by Auckland Council, is a roadmap to a zero-emissions, resilient and healthier region that’s better connected to our environment and able to thrive in the face of ongoing change.

It reflects our values and the foundations we need to succeed, including how we embed mātauranga Māori and Te Ao Māori principles, and how we work together as a region to ensure no one is left behind.

We need to rethink our economy to one that is less based on consumption and more focused on ensuring that we do not take more than we can replenish for future generations.

Because we love Tāmaki Makaurau, and we want it to last forever.


Aucklanders have saved 20 billion litres of water since the  2020 drought started. That's 8,000 olympic swimming pools' worth of water.

Tāmaki Makaurau ināianei 

Auckland now

We’re growing to a region of 2 million people, but at the same time, we must cut our emissions in half to deliver our fair share contribution to global emissions reduction and avoid the worst impacts of climate change.

  • Increasing temperatures and extreme weather like tornadoes and floods
  • More droughts and water shortages
  • Shifting coastlines and biodiversity loss
  • Disproportionate impacts to Māori and vulnerable communities

Our Footprint

Aucklanders consume 400 million litres of water each day on average,
and drive more than 10 billion kilometers around Auckland in cars and utes each year.

Living the way we currently do, without additional action to reduce emissions, Auckland’s net greenhouse gas emissions are expected to increase by around


Percent by 2050

That's 12.4 million tonnes of carbon dioxide: the equivalent of 28,768,000 barrels of oil!

Despite our efforts, the region is not currently on track to achieve our climate goals, and Auckland Council knows there's more we need to do. Responding to the climate crisis requires changes to every aspect of how we live. Now is the time for collective, rapid change, because a thriving future is possible, and it's one we want to last forever.

Explore more about Auckland's current emissions pathway.

Ngā whāinga mātāmua e waru

The eight priority areas

Transport - Ikiiki

Providing more transport choice beyond personal vehicles.

View Transport

Natural Environment - Taiao māori

Restoring and replenishing the mauri (life essence) of Tāmaki Makaurau.

View Natural Environment

Food - Ngā kai

Offering access to local, fresh, healthy food for all.

View Food

Built Environment - Taiao hanga

Planning lower carbon urban spaces, infrastructure and buildings.

View Built Environment

Te Puāwaitanga ō te Tātai

Ensuring Māori communities are resilient, self-sustaining and prosperous.

View Te Puāwaitanga ō te Tātai

Communities and Coast - Ngā hapori me te tahatai

Preparing our people for our changing climate and coastline in an equitable way.

View Communities and Coast

Economy - Ōhanga

Developing a regenerative economy underpinned by kaitiakitanga.

View Economy

Energy and Industry - Te ngao me te ahumahi

Creating a clean energy system that supports low-carbon lifestyles.

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Te huarahi ka whāia e mātou e pā ana ki te hapori

Our community approach

We need to act together. No one can do this alone.
It takes the government, businesses, mana whenua, communities and you. 

Auckland Council has many projects and initiatives and partners supporting climate action in your neighbourhood.

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