Auckland Council runs many initiatives to address our climate emergency. As part of this, we have a lot of incredible Auckland Council programmes and partners supporting us with the change we need to reach our emissions goals and adapt to the impacts of climate change.

From community action to research, below is a list of some of the projects currently in motion to make Auckland last forever. 

  • From Enviroschools to creating more green spaces in the city, we run and support a wide range of programmes across Auckland to reduce our emissions.
  • The Climate Action Targeted Rate package will decarbonise our ferry fleet; provide much greater access to efficient and reliable low-carbon public transport; and provide safe, convenient and well-connected walking and cycling options for more Aucklanders. It will also invest in planting more trees in parks and on streets to prepare for a warmer future and subsequently reduce our vulnerability to extreme heat.
  • Our carbon footprint tool enables Aucklanders to discover their carbon footprint and take action to reduce it. Once signed-up, FutureFit shows you the tangible impacts from each decision like taking the bus, shortening your shower, choosing plant based meals more often or hanging clothes out to dry (rather than using a drier). FutureFit also tracks your progress over time, allows you to create teams and shows the combined impact of our collective action.
  • Auckland Council has received a lot of global recognition for our plan and work we are doing to address our climate emergency.
  • Auckland Council offers a variety of grants and funding for projects supporting our environment and climate.
  • We are working with marae and iwi across the region to support them to deliver projects aimed at restoring the natural environment, improving te mauri o te wai and developing sustainable papakainga. We have recently invested an additional $12 million over ten years into projects with marae and rangatahi Māori to support Māori-led responses to climate change.
  • Auckland Council’s programme to make it easy for individuals to adjust their lifestyle towards a resilient, low-carbon Auckland. The Live Lightly website is full of useful tips on moving, shopping and eating more lightly.
  • We conduct frequent research on climate related topics such as air quality in Auckland.