How can we future-proof our region against disruptions caused by climate change, global pandemics and technological changes? By building a resilient, regenerative economy in which Aucklanders can thrive. 

Guided by the values of ­­kaitiakitanga—guardianship and protection—we must prioritise low carbon, sustainable economic activities and reduce our reliance on finite natural resources. 

Major changes  will be required across all sectors. Despite the challenges, this shift will lead to long-term economic, social and environmental benefits for Aucklanders.



Below are just some of the ways Auckland Council seeks to create a more resilient and regenerative economy

  • Assess climate change risks and develop targeted programmes to support the most affected sectors

  • Focus Auckland Council investments on low carbon, climate-resilient assets, activities and services

  • Work with large businesses and suppliers to reduce emissions, and encourage the adoption of innovation, green technology and circular solutions

  • Implement the Auckland Waste Management and Minimisation Plan, including roll out of an urban household kerbside food scraps collection

Did you know?

Auckland Council issued its first sustainability linked loan and derivative this year.

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Did you know?

Auckland Council does not invest in any companies involved in the production of fossil fuels.

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Financing the future with Green Bonds

Auckland Council is a national leader in sustainable finance, being the first New Zealand entity to issue Green Bonds.

Green bonds are used to fund projects that deliver positive environmental or climate outcomes, such as renewable energy, low-carbon transport, green buildings and waste management. So far, Auckland Council has raised  $2 billion through Green Bonds, allocated across a diverse range of eligible green assets that total $2.7 billion. This funding will help us to deliver our critical programmes of climate change action.



  • Shop locally to keep money circulating in our economy and reduce transport emissions  

  • Choose carbon-friendly transport options such as public transport, cycling or walking

  • Support businesses that demonstrate a commitment to sustainability

  • Measure and reduce your carbon footprint using Auckland Council’s FutureFit tool.

Creating shared prosperity through the circular economy is a Māori and Pasifika business led movement for economic transformation that puts whānau and whenua first.

Kahu Malcolm, Intrapreneur Māori outcomes

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Ngā whāinga mātāmua e waru

The eight priority areas

Transport - Ikiiki

Providing more transport choice beyond personal vehicles.

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Natural Environment - Taiao māori

Restoring and replenishing the mauri (life essence) of Tāmaki Makaurau.

View Natural Environment

Food - Ngā kai

Offering access to local, fresh, healthy food for all.

View Food

Built Environment - Taiao hanga

Planning lower carbon urban spaces, infrastructure and buildings.

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Te Puāwaitanga ō te Tātai

Ensuring Māori communities are resilient, self-sustaining and prosperous.

View Te Puāwaitanga ō te Tātai

Communities and Coast - Ngā hapori me te tahatai

Preparing our people for our changing climate and coastline in an equitable way.

View Communities and Coasts

Energy and Industry - Te ngao me te ahumahi

Creating a clean energy system that supports low-carbon lifestyles.

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