Taiao Māori

Natural Environment

A healthy natural environment with thriving native species is possible. 

Tāmaki Makaurau’s natural environment is taonga. It provides numerous benefits to the health and wellbeing of people and society. 

Ecosystems like forests and wetlands sequester carbon, reduce erosion and flooding, improve air and water quality, and protect us from extreme temperatures. 

Mātauranga Māori has a deep, reciprocal relationship between tangata (people) and the natural world. Kaitiakitanga is centered on a symbiotic whakapapa relationship with the natural environment and the responsibilities of maintaining a natural balance for tupuna, atua and mokopuna, and our most vulnerable in society. 

Aligning our behaviours today with our values and goals for tomorrow will help to ensure we have a flourishing natural environment. The way we treat and protect our beaches, harbours, bush, streams and maunga now will impact Aucklanders and precious indigenous species for generations to come.

Below are some of the key ways we’re working to regenerate, replenish, restore and protect our natural environment:

  • Mayor Phil Goff’s priority to plant 1.5 million trees across the region by 2022

  • Increase tree canopy cover to 30% across Auckland's urban area and ensure no local board area has less than 15% canopy coverage, targeting efforts to grow urban ngahere in areas where it is most scarce

  • Implementing our Regional Pest Management Plan 2020-2030, empowering Aucklanders at home, and seeking to eradicate all pests by 2050

  • Prioritising marine biosecurity 

  • Recommending investing 13.3 million to grow our ngahere in our regional parks and road corridors; build capacity of marae and community nurseries; and improve our understanding of council’s planting survival rates and how our urban canopy is changing

  • Introducing pilot research programmes to greater understand the changing science of our natural environment.

Aotearoa has the most resident seabird species in the world. 83 of the 370 call NZ home.

Te wāhi ki a koe

Playing your part

Ngā whāinga mātāmua e waru

The eight priority areas

Transport - Ikiiki

Providing more transport choice beyond personal vehicles.

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Food - Ngā kai

Offering access to local, fresh, healthy food for all.

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Built Environment - Taiao hanga

Planning lower carbon urban spaces, infrastructure and buildings.

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Te Puāwaitanga ō te Tātai

Ensuring Māori communities are resilient, self-sustaining and prosperous.

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Communities and Coast - Ngā hapori me te tahatai

Preparing our people for our changing climate and coastline in an equitable way.

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Economy - Ōhanga

Developing a regenerative economy underpinned by kaitiakitanga.

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Energy and Industry - Te ngao me te ahumahi

Creating a clean energy system that supports low-carbon lifestyles.

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